2022 Synergy Sport Dual 800W Electric Scooter – SAVE 15% NOW!

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The Synergy Sport Dual 800 E-Scooter is equipped with 2x 800W electric motor, it can reach speeds of 45km/h, and with a range of up to 55km – 65km (BASED ON 1 MOTOR USE – depends on conditions and riders bodyweight). The Sport has enough torque for flat roads or elevated trails up to 40 degrees!.  The body of the scooter is Aluminum, and it offers dual suspension as well as hand-actuated front and back disc brakes, plus electric brakes.  The Sport also features a digital display of speed and battery charge.

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The Synergy Sport Dual 800 E-Scooter is equipped with 2x 800W electric motor, it can reach speeds of 45km/h, and with a range of up to 55km – 65km (BASED ON 1 MOTOTR USE – depends on conditions and riders bodyweight). The Sport Dual 800 has enough torque for flat roads or elevated trails up to 40 degrees!.  The body of the scooter is Aluminum, and it offers dual suspension as well as hand-actuated front and back disc brakes, plus electric brakes.  The Sport also features a digital display of speed and battery charge.

SizeOverall size (mm)1160 x 570 x 1210
SizeSize after folding (mm)1140 x 200 x 470
SizeCarton size1200 x 270 x 520
WeightMax. Loading (kg)150
WeightNet Weight (kg)27
ApplicationRider AgeAdult
SpeedTop Speed (km/h)45
SpeedRange (km)Around 55km
SpeedGrade Abiltiy (deg)35
SpeedWorking temperature (℃)-10 ~ 40
SpeedStorage temperature (℃)-10 ~ 40
BatteryBattery Type18650 Lithium
BatteryRated voltage (V)48
BatteryInput Voltage (V)54.6
BatteryBattery Capacity (Ah)20
MotorMotor TypeDC Brushless Motor
MotorMotor Power (W)800 x 2
MotorRated output power (W)800 x 2
MotorRated voltage (V)48
ChargerInput Voltage (V)100 - 240
ChargerOutput voltage (V)54.6
ChargerRated current (A)2
ChargerCharging Time (hrs)10
Other featuresTire10" tubeless
Other featuresFrame materialAlluminum alloy 6061
Other featuresWaterproofIP54
Other featuresSuspensionFront suspension x2 + Rear suspension x2
Other featuresDisplayColour display
Other featuresSpeed upthrottle
Other featuresBrakefront disc brake + rear disc brake + electronic brake
Other featuresColourBlack

Additional information

Weight 22 kg
Dimensions 116 × 57 × 121 cm

8 reviews for 2022 Synergy Sport Dual 800W Electric Scooter – SAVE 15% NOW!

  1. Quentin

    I am writing this review because there was nothing to help me decide between 800W or Dual 800W or even what I should buy period. I have purchased the 800W for my wife it has 135KM on it and I have the 800W Dual with over 200 KM on it. We ride the paths around Princess Island Park Calgary and Banff Park Town Site paths around the Bow River. The Dual is much faster on flats and hills is where you really can tell. The battery range is more on the Dual, but it takes twice as long to charge the Dual over the single. The Dual is much heavier to lift then the single. I find that if you are 150 lbs or less the Single is not under powered compared to the Dual with a rider of 185 lbs. Weight of rider has a big effect on power and distance on both models. Riding the Dual on flat and hills in first gear below 20km per hour I can get 40 KMs of riding on one bar or 15% of battery capacity or from 54 volt down to 49 volts. Once the dual or single gets down to half or below 40 volt your power loss is about 35%. The long hill going from Banff town site to Tunnel Mountain Camp Ground the Dual can do at 25kms per hour with a 185 lbs rider 40 volts, if riding at full charge 54 volts I can do that hill over 30 KMs per hour. The Single is a lot slower. Over all the Dual 800W is the best Value if your considering between Single 800W or Dual. Hope this helps???

    • Cory Maystrowich

      Hi Quentin, Thank-you so much for your honest and candid feedback. Reviews like this are really helpful and informative and we greatly appreciate you taking the time to make the comparison between your Synergy Sport 800W single and your Synergy Sport 800W dual. Your in depth analysis of the speed, charging, rider weight, power, distance and even the hill speed is very informative to us and anyone who may be torn between the two models.
      Thanks again Quentin, we appreciate your review.

  2. Ken Littlechild

    I bought the 800 watt Sport model and rode that for about 2 months until it got stollen in broad daylight downtown locked in a bike rack. I wouldn’t trust it with only one lock and less than 10 minutes now. But anyways it allowed me the chance to upgrade scooters, to the dual motors Sport model. I very much would endorse the dual motors model as the increase in speed and the power going up hills is needed for a heavy set guy 250 lbs, and Vancouver has so many steep hills. Also it is only 400 bucks for the upgrade, so I would probably kick myself if I didn’t buy it. Anyways I am very happy with the quality of these scooters, they are great fun, and a good way to site see, and enjoy the outdoors.

  3. Shaun Elliott

    Just got the 800w dual a few days ago as an Es4 upgrade, and let me tell you it doesn’t disappoint. This thing absolutely ripz. Description rates it to go 45kmhr but this this goes 60kmhr. When in dual mode it takes off like a rocket ship. I would have like some sort of instruction manual and maybe some maintenance tips. LOVE IT!

    • Ryal Aldous

      Thanks for the great review! Enjoy.

  4. Darin Kohlman (verified owner)

    I’ve had my Synergy 800 Dual for a few weeks now and I love it, it has lots of power excellent range and it can climb hills without any problems. When you switch on the second motor it gives a nice extra boost of power, this scooter is a lot of fun to ride and does not disappoint, it is very well built and durable, it is definitely worth the money. I ordered my scooter from the North 49 website and picked it up from the SE store in Calgary and Kyle was great to deal with

  5. Derek Christiansen

    I test rode several models – the 500w, 800w single and 800w dual motor. Initially we were buying for my son, but we decided best if we get it strong enough for me to ride too so we could share the use. I’m 230 lbs, so my weight was a concern for me when buying a scooter as I assumed they’d all be gutless. With a quick google search I came across the Synergy scooters and was proven wrong. My preference was to buy a scooter from a physical store in Vancouver so that if there were issues or I needed repairs/service I would have a place to take it (rather than just an online retailer with no service options). We’ll my son and I both loved the Dual 800w. It is heavy (I assist my 13 year old son to carry it to the road from the house). We found the 500w and 800w single were almost exactly the same – hard to tell the power difference. On the 800w it is clear… even me at 235lbs can go up hills and do up to 40+ kms an hour speed. The extra range and the fact my son can grow into it and it not feel challenged on hills is fantastic. With it being as fast as it is, it has a very nice feature where you can easily adjust the top speed percentage. I have put my sons to 60-65% and my own to 70-75% to make it more safe. The temptation is too great to floor it without having it governed. This way I can floor it and it peaks at the speed I’m comfortable with. The dual motor still gives that extra torque/acceleration as needed even with max speed set, so no sacrifice there.
    1 week later (maybe less actually) we went back and bought a 2nd Dual 800w so we can go riding around Kits/Pt Grey together, for lunches, Granville Island etc. It has been a blast.

  6. Jordan Saunders (verified owner)

    I received my dual 800W scooter beginning of October. I love it its powerful and is great on battery. Only downside is i like to go fast haha. Im only getting up to 40 kmh, when it says that i can reach 45 ? Im 180 lbs. Unless there us a speed limiter? Still worth the money ! I have a bunch of people realizing that they need one l, so im bringing North49brands some more customers!

  7. Billy Desjardins

    Definitely the best scooter ever got! I highly recommend this product to anyone that look for one. Can’t wait to use this for next summer!

  8. D.B.

    I purchased two dual 800 scooters for Xmas.
    I’m 275lbs and these scooters are no joke. I’ve been out for 3 rides so far that are a combination of light bike trails, pedestrian paths, and various park and playground terrain.
    The performance has mostly exceeded my expectations. Only on the steepest hills will I slow down to a point that I feel that I may be overworking the motors. All but one hill do I have to get off to push the last 10 feet or so…it’s probably 35-40 degrees and about 100 meters in length.
    My daughter who is also a bigger girl has no problem on any hills whatsoever.
    I toggle between single and dual motors as needed for hill climbing or flat top speed.
    I was worried that these machines were going to be too big and powerful but they are just right as you can choose to use only the power that you require.
    I would have been dissatisfied with the single motor model as it’s not powerful enough for heavy people on anything more than flat smooth pavement at neutral speed.
    I would guess that anyone over 150lbs will require the dual 800 at a minimum.
    I’m satisfied with the build and components at the price point. It’s sturdy and has good quality generic components. To get brand name battery, electronics, motors and hydraulic brakes you will need to spend $1000-$1500 more for a similar machine.
    I’m mid 40’s haven’t been on a bike in 30 years. This is the most fun I have had since milestone moments like first learning to ski or similar. Scooters are the way to go…totally different feeling.
    Battery life is less than I would have expected, but definitely acceptable. With my weight and varied terrain that I ride a distance measurement would not be helpful. I can go pretty much full out for about and hour before I return home home. I’ve been left with one or two bars of power at that point but by then I’m tired and sore anyway from riding. I don’t want to risk running out of battery or reducing the battery life by excessively discharging the cells. I would guess that I could ride anything goes for 1.5 hours before recharging.
    This scooter is strong enough to withstand my weight on trails but I am careful to not hit potholes, rocks etc.
    The handlebar stem feels a little bit vulnerable to leverage so I am careful to not put too much forward or back pressure on it.
    And no jumps off curbs as the shocks will bottom out with abuse.
    I spent a few hours adjusting the brakes, controls, and adding thread locking compound to the deck screws as they all have loosened since the first few rides. This should not deter a person from purchasing this scooter as thus is simple stuff to remedy and should be expected after the initial break in period.
    The deck grip tape has poor adhesive and will need to be replaced. I purchased a piece of Pro skateboard grip tape that is wider than the original strip supplied so this is a worthy improvement anyway.
    I will likely upgrade at some point to the 1600watt dual for the power increase and stronger chassis for my weight.
    The bigger machine seemed way overkill prior, but I feel that over 250lbs this is appropriate and you can simply ride according to your personal comfort level.

    • Ryal Aldous

      Thank you for your detailed review!

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